Millet Kiddies : Our Vision

BeliefWe have absolute 100% faith in every child’s potential.

Every child is born unique, having different talents and hence requiring different learning methods which we promise to cater to as best as we can. Our multi-dimensional teaching can allow children to get the most out of their learning journey and allow them to grow into confident individuals.

HopeWe hope for every child to have the chance and ability to realize their passions.

Modern society has provided too convenient a system which doesn’t push children to go beyond the boundaries. With a happy learning experience, we aim to ignite every child’s inner passion and educate them on using it as a constant motivation and driving force in life.

Fulfillment We want every child to learn the importance of carrying out their dreams to fruition.

Determination and perseverance are essential components needed for learning. Every step forward or backward will forge the road of success for your children. We look to instill an undeterred, never-give-up nature in children, requiring also the necessary presence of parental love on your children’s learning journey.

ValidationChildren who grow up to becoming successful, happy individuals are the best validation for our curriculum.

Our curriculum is built up over 30 years of teaching experience coupled with thorough in-depth research of children behavior and psychology, and has been proven effective since we implemented the curriculum for the past 7 years. We are extremely thankful for all the help and support given to us by all parents and professionals. We will always try to improve and better the curriculum, and knowing that we can make a difference in every child’s life is our strongest drive forward.