About Us

Millet Music 米乐音乐 Millet Music (also known as Millet Music Private Limited) was founded in 2011, and is actively involved in Music Education, Audio Production, and Performance & Events in Singapore. Millet Music is created and backed by the dream team of managers and producers which created Asian Pop Sensations, such as JJ Lin and By2.

HuanJie_front Mr. Michael Tong ChewPehBoon_front VincentNg_front
Ashton Koh Michael Tong Chew Peh Boon Vincent Ng

As the home and training ground to an assemblage of artistes and rising stars, the team of instructors and consultants at Millet Music is helmed by Consultant-Director Mr. Michael Tong. Michael was the managing partner of a star-studded recording company in Singapore and has heralded many renowned local music projects. He is the founder and director of the artiste training school which trained and propelled JJ Lin to superstardom in the MandoPop scene. Today, Michael is recognised constantly for his entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to the local music industry, garnering the Asia Pacific Brands Award in 2012 & 2013, and the Promising SME 500 in 2014.

Besides Michael, the dream team at Millet Music is administrated by Executive Directors, Mr. Ashton Koh, Mr. Vincent Ng and Mdm Chew Peh Boon.

Ashton has garnered many years of experience in providing instructional vocal training, workshops and judging. Ashton has been active in the performing industry for 15 years, and has provided back-up vocals for several A-list artistes in concerts or in their albums, namely Ah Du (his album 撒野) and JJ Lin; he has also rendered his vocal services for Ocean Butterflies’ track 唱响世界, as well as for local production movie I Not Stupid.

On the other hand, Vincent is specialised in Language Education (Mandarin) and Speech and Drama. He is armed with more than 20 years of teaching experience with children in several Primary Schools, Childcare Centres and Community Centres. Vincent is also, notably, the operations manager which helped groomed JJ Lin & By2 to fame, and is the other cornerstone of Millet Music.

Mdm. Chew Peh Boon, is a language education specialist and is currently the MOE-Approved directing teacher for the Children’s Theatre Performing Arts of Singapore People’s Association. With 25 years of experience in children’s music performing and education as well as experience in formulating the syllabus for children’s visual and listening education, Mdm. Chew was previously the teacher-in-charge of several primary schools’ speech and drama teams for 15 years. Mdm. Chew was also the DJ for 95.8 radio FM and the head of teenagers & children department in local television station for 7 years.