Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a culture which originates from the streets of New York City. The dance form has evolved with time, giving rise to 2 distinct styles of Hip Hop – Old School and New School. Often done to Rap music, Hip Hop essentially works on rhythm, groove and style.

Hip Hop (Kids)

Hip Hop (Kids) is an energetic and exhilarating program designed to engage your kids mentally and physically through Dance. Incorporating basic grooves and isolation exercises, your child will hone his/her sense of rhythm and build confidence to groove to any music!


Riding on the wave of Korean Pop culture, this course is perfect for K-pop enthusiasts who are inspired to put on their dancing shoes by their favourite artistes, or for those who simply love K-pop music! Be it 2NE1 or Big Bang, students will learn short and fun routines to a variety of K-pop songs through the course.