Pop Instruments

Pop Piano Play & Sing (Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3)

Abort reading the music scores and learn how to play the piano, especially your favourite song, through listening and various chord progressions. Learn the proper methods to sing along while playing the piano with our professional guidance, such as proper breathing, finger, rhythm, chord inversions etc. Millet Music aims to introduce and address the ability of singing along while playing the piano for our Pop Piano Play & Sing course. In conjunction to it, Ear Training will also be included as one of the course focus.

* Assessment on individuals’ Piano ability is available and more information about training courses will be provided.


Acoustic Guitar Play & Sing (Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3)

Gain comfort and confidence singing your favorite songs while playing the acoustic guitar by mastering different strumming and plucking techniques. Syllabus covers: music theory, chords, scales, notes, strumming and plucking.

At Millet Music, you can enjoy playing your instrument and singing at the same time, overcoming the coordination difficulties as you learned along the way. Being able to understand song presentation with your instrument will ensure you to play the song introduction, interlude and ending by learning the running chords arrangement.

* Assessment on individuals’ playing ability is available.