About Ashton Koh

Co-founder of Millet Music

Ashton has garnered many years of experience in providing instructional vocal training and has been active in the performing industry for 15 years. He has various singing competition awards under his belt and has received local as well as overseas invitations to be a guest performer for multiple events. In recent years, Ashton has also been on the judge panels of many large scaled singing competitions. He is also involved in holding vocal workshops and seminars for several educational and musical institutions.

Previously Ashton has provided back-up vocals for several singers, namely Ah Du (his album 撒野), JJ Lin; he has also rendered his vocal services for Ocean Butterflies track of 《唱响世界》as well as for local production movie I Not Stupid. The main theme song of I Not Stupid 2 (sequel movie of I Not Stupid) is also sung by Ashton.

Ashton has also provided instructional vocal training for artistes including Jeanie Zhang (張婧), Shaun Chen (陈泓宇), Kanny Theng (伶恩) as well as self-composing artiste Lucky (王施引), original singer and composer of the song titled 《爸媽好》.