About Caleb Fung

Dance Instructor

Caleb has been actively involved in the local dance scene since 2004 with his participation in many community dance projects since he started dancing in school.

Caleb has performed and choreographed in numerous productions and concerts, gaining much exposure in dance scene. These concerts and performances include annual productions like NUS Dance Reflections and Studio Wu dance recital. He has also performed in guest items at different dance competitions and showcases.

In addition to the above, he has also had much exposure in the commercial scene performing alongside artistes like JJ Lin and BY2. He has also been casted to dance for television commercials and music award shows like 93.3 hit awards.

Being avid learner, he has been to Taiwan, Japan and USA to expand his exposure in different dance cultures. Since then, he has been giving master classes to established dance groups such as NUS Dance Blast and Dance Ensemble.With a strong passion in dance; he continues to inspire people through his philosophy and dedication to dance as an art form.