About Fion Tee

Dance Instructor (Kids)

Fion started dancing in the year 2005 and has been exposed to various dance styles such as hip hop, street jazz, jazz, waacking, popping and soul. As a passionate dancer, she has also travelled to places such as Taiwan, Korea and Japan to hone her knowledge and skills in dancing. Over the years, Fion has performed in numerous productions and also choreographed for shows; gaining valuable experiences which helped her to grow in this art form.

Some of her recent competitions and major performances include Epic Dance Competition ( HGE – Top 9); Super 24 Dance Competition (Waackenize – Top 5), Burger King TV Commercial featuring Tosh Zhang & Wang Weiliang from Ah Boys to Men and many more.

Developing the techniques, skills and strength are important in cultivating the dance but Fion also believes that keeping the joy and passion for dance is what bring the dancer to greater heights.