About Jack Lian

Classical Violin Instructor

Wei Cong started playing the violin at the age of 9 and completed violin grade 8 when he turn 18. Besides honing his skills on the violin, Wei Cong has to juggle school activities together with the pursue of academic excellence in those 9 years.

He achieved his grade 8 certificate at the young age of 17. He has been playing violin for 14 years now and is currently pursuing his diploma in classical violin performance.
Throughout the years Wei Cong has been featured in Catholic High’s annual CHMA (Catholic High Music Awards) with a rock band as well as a violinist in VJC’s talent time contest. He has also performed for various local events organized by the residents’ committee (RC) and Macpherson community centre (CC).

Wei Cong believes that the art of playing violin lies not just in techniques but also in the expression of the emotions and stories behind the musical notes. Also, both are equally important and can be instilled in any musicians from young. Thus, the passion has made him to embark the journey to becoming a violin instructor. He is excited to share his experience and knowledge with his students!