About Jerrone Kan

Vocal & Pop Piano Instructor

Jerrone started out his music journey by joining choir during his teenage years, and has since then emerge finalists for the multiple singing competitions (both small and large scale) that he’s joined for. Jerrone has received many invitations for local and overseas performances and most recently became an ambassador for 大专学府歌唱比赛. Jerrone has previously joined local theatrical group on their trip to Korea for a performance.

Apart from his singing prowess, Jerrone is also talented in playing the piano. Put together his amazing piano and vocal abilities Jerrone is truly the perfect candidate to take on the role of pop piano sing and play instructor. He is currently furthering his learning for music by taking up jazz piano.

His obvious love and passion for music has driven him to aspire to become a teacher and he has embarked and been working on this for the past half a year.